Vermeer - Dutch School

VERMEER'S LIFE fared as poorly as his reputation. He was born in Delft, marriedin Delft, raised a large family in Delft, painted in Delft. But the people of Delft hadlittle use for his pictures; the pictures didn't sell. And so Vermeer died in Delft, a poor, well-intentioned artist who had the hard luck of being a failure.

One hundred years ago the name Vermeer meant nothing in the history of painting. His works were not known and were attributed to inferior painters with more impressive names. After hundreds of yearsof neglect, a new personality was admitted to art's arbitrary Hall of Fame.

So it was and is with Vermeer. His name today is among the foremost in the historyof Dutch painting. His works, small in number, are as precious as jewels. That he couldn't find a market for his work in Delft is a fact we regret and can do nothing about.But it is a good and encouraging thing to know that effective research and sound ap­preciation can regenerate a deserving artistic ghost.

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