Van Dyck - Dutch School

ANTHONY VAN DYCK was born in Antwerp in 1599. He was of a good family; and because of the exceptional education which was afforded him, learned several languages. His education, his personal charm, and his polished manners contributed to the winning of that worldly success to which his great gifts as a portrait painter of the rich entitled him. He was a favored pupil of Rubens, their friendship and mutual admiration being unaffected by the professional rivalry which Van Dyck's early recognition and popularity as a master established. In 1620, when Van Dyck was but twenty-one, he went to England at the personal behest of Charles I. After returning once again to Antwerp and once again visiting Italy, he took up residence in London; and as painter-in-ordinary to the king and favorite of the highest court society lived out his life. Worn out by overwork, he died at forty-two.

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