Portrait of Madame Sophie by Nattier Postcard

ENTIRELY in keeping with Nattier's purposeful flattery, with the general vainglory of his patrons and the particular wishfulness of the young everywhere and always, Nattier, commissioned by Louis XV to paint the portraits of the five princesses, his daughters, showed the youngest of them, Sophie,--then a schoolgirl at the Abbey Fontevrault--as the mature woman that we see.

"Madame Sophie" is Sophie-Elizabeth-Justine, fifth daughter of Louis XV and Marie Leczinska. During the period of the three youngest princesses' education at the Abbey Fontevrault, the king sent Nattier to paint their portraits as a surprise gift to their mother. The daughters of Louis XV and Marie Leczinska his queen were named Mesdames Sophie, Victoire, Louise, Adelaide, and Elizabeth. Their portraits hang at Versailles.

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