Pieter De Hooch - Dutch School

FOR MANY YEARS, before scholars really got to work on the facts of his life, it was impossible to arrive at any biographical conclusion about the one Pieter De Hooch who painted the pictures reproduced here. Holland, early in the seventeenth century, had Pieter De Hooch's in most of her larger towns. An unsuspecting historian, using contemporary records as his guide, would have found his subject an amazing personality, coexisting in five places at times, member of almost all the guilds. Sound research at last has gathered together a few important facts about this Pieter De Hooch.

He was born in Rotterdam in 1629 and studied first with the painter, Berchem, at Haarlem. At the age of 24 he entered the service, as painter and valet (!), of one Justice de la Grange, accompanying his master to Delft, The Hague, and Leyden. From 1654 to 1657 he was a member of the painters' guild at Delft where, together with Vermeer and others, he became identified with a group of artists who painted domestic scenes from Dutch life. After his wife's death, he left Delft in 1667 and moved to Amsterdam. Contemporary records show that he was still living there, in poor circumstances, in 1683.

That is about all we know of the life of Pieter De Hooch.

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