Paris Bordone - Venetian School

PARIS BORDONE was born in Treviso. He lived and died in Venice. A pupil of Titian, strongly influenced by Giorgione and others, he lived in the period of the decline of the Venetian Republic and of what had been the most sumptuous school of painting that the world has known. He was of a noble family; yet such was the position of the artist in the community of Venice in that period that his father encouraged him to follow the career of art.

Much of Bordone's work was done for churches. His masterpiece is held to be the large painting known as "The Fisherman Presenting the Ring of St. Mark to the Doge," a work which characterized the Republic in Bordone's time.

After various successes in Italy, Bordone was invited by Francis I to visit France. Here besides executing several commissions for that distinguished royal patron of the arts, he painted portraits of members of the court.

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