Moroni - School of Brescia


THE SMALL GROUP called the school of Brescia was a kind of provincial branch of the great Venetian school of painting, its members having either been trained in Venice or influenced by the Venetian masters. Among the Brescian painters was Alessandro Bonviccino Moretto, or the Blackamoor, a devout and sincere painter of religious subjects; the most famous of his pupils is Moroni, one of the distinguished portrait painters of the Renaissance. While other painters were captivated by the magnificence of Venetian pageantry, stirred by the pomp of an era when history was in the making, impressed, or subsidized by princes and nobles and their women, Moroni, touched apparently by no more than the human dignity of his contemporaries of his own class, faithfully painted them. His portraits unpretentiously conceived, well drawn and painted are among the valued documents of history and art.

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