The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci

Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milan

Leonardo's contemporaries, who themselves had little time to study this picture before it began to disintegrate, were deeply impressed by its design and by the devices Leonardo employed to heighten the dramatic effect. Even today we can appreciate what great technical ingenuity went into the arrangement--the use of converging lines to focus attention on the head of Christ, and the unconventional disposition of his disciples around the table.

Time's ravages and the use of poor materials have robbed us of much that was good in art. If we were to have the miraculous opportunity to recreate some lost works of the Renaissance, surely this "Last Supper" would be our choice. Seeing it in its pristine state would make meaningful, perhaps, what splendid things have been said about Leonardo the painter, things we have had to doubt for lack of proof.

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