Interior of a Dutch House by Pieter De Hooch

DUTCH homes in the seventeenth century were a tribute to the quiet restraint and dignity that have always characterized the lives and manners of the people of Holland.

Holland then was a rich land, thriving in commerce, abundant in comforts and the things that make everyday living a tolerable, pleasant routine. Another nation, in such favorable circumstances, might have succumbed to the extravagant, superficial pleasures of elegance. The Dutch valued simplicity and comfort. Their homes were uncomplicated, sparsely furnished, full of light playing upon broad, unrelieved surfaces. The pictures of De Hooch reflect this simplicity of living and are a faithful record of the exemplary manners of his contemporaries.

There is, in this painting, a very amusing oversight. Evidently the servant entering at the right, a hurried afterthought, was quickly and carelessly painted. Close examination will show the tiled floor coming through her voluminous skirts.

Interior of a Dutch House

Interior of a Dutch House
Pieter  de Hooch
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