Gerard Ter Borch Dutch School - Interior of an Inn, 1636 Post Cards

BORN AT ZWOLLE in 1617 Gerard Ter Borch was reared in the congenial environment of a cultured family circle. His father was quick in the encouragement of his son's liking to paint and sent him to be a pupil of Pieter Molyn at Haarlem. Years of travel followed for this most favored of the little masters. He visited England, Germany, and Italy in turn. While at Münster in Westphalia he was invited to return to Spain with the Spanish ambassador who introduced him to the life of the court. The portraits that he painted there won him the admiration of an exclusive circle and shortly before his return to his native town in 1652 he was honored with knighthood. While on a visit to England he was introduced into the society of the court and met the great court painter of that time, Van Dyck. Influenced to some degree by the great painters he had met on his travels, he became, nevertheless, the master of a personal style. It is information of a personal and intimate nature that he has given us of the time in which he lived and of that class, the aristocracy, in which he moved. After his death in 1681, his remains were carried to Zwolle where they were interred with great honor amid a gathering of the full citizenship of the town.

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