Famous Works of Van Dyck

Baltimore, EPSTEIN COLLECTION: "Rinaldo and Armida."
Boston, GARDNER COLLECTION: "Lady with a Rose."
Boston, MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS: "The Entombment,""Portrait of Beatrice de Cusance,""Portrait of Helena du Bois,""Portrait of Margaretha de Vos, wife of Frans Snyders."
Brunswick, Maine, BOWDOIN COLLEGE: "The Governor of Gibraltar."
Cambridge, FOGG ART MUSEUM: "Portrait of Alexander Triest."
Charleston, S. C., RHETT COLLECTION: "St. John."
Chicago, ART INSTITUTE: "Samson and Delilah."
Cincinnati, EDWARDS COLLECTION: "Portrait of a Gentleman."
Cincinnati, MUSEUM ASSOCIATION: "Portrait of John of Nassau."
Cleveland, MUSEUM OF ART: "Portrait of Charles I."
Dallas, MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS: "Portrait of Diana, Countess of Oxford."
Detroit, INSTITUTE OF ARTS: "Portrait of a Man," "Portrait of the Marchesa Spinola," "Portrait of Jan Wildens and His Wife."
Grosse Pointe, Mich., BOOTH COLLECTION: "Portrait of the Countess of Buckingham."
Kansas City, NELSON GALLERY: "Rider with Horse."
Leningrad, HERMITAGE: "Portrait of Philip, Lord Wharton," "Portrait of Sir Thomas Wharton."
London, NATIONAL GALLERY: "Portrait of Cornelius Van der Geest."
London, NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY: "Portrait of Sir Kenelm Digby."
London, WALLACE COLLECTION: "Philippe Le Roy with His Wife."
New York, FRICK COLLECTION: "Portrait of Frans Snyders," "Portrait of Sir John Suckling," and other portraits.
New York, HISTORICAL SOCIETY: "Portrait of a Lady."
New York, METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART: "Portrait of James Stuart, Duke of Richmond and Lenox," "Portrait of the Marchesa Durazzo," "Portrait of Thomas Howard, Earl of Arundel, and His Grandson," and other portraits.
Notre Dame, UNIVERSITY: "Crucifixion."
Ottawa, NATIONAL GALLERY OF CANADA: "Christ Blessing the Children," "St. Mary Magdalen in Penitence," "The Death of Adonis."
Paris, LOUVRE: "Portrait of Charles I with Horse and Attendants," "Portrait of the Duke of Richmond."
Portland, Me., REIMAN COLLECTION: "Portrait of a Lady."
St. Louis, CITY ART MUSEUM: "Portrait of a Goldsmith."
St. Louis, SHOENBERG COLLECTION: "Portrait of a Gentleman."
San Francisco, CALIFORNIA PALACE OF THE LEGION OF HONOR: "Portrait of Philip Herbert, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery."
Toledo, MUSEUM OF ART: "St. Martin Sharing His Mantle with a Beggar."
Toronto, WOOD COLLECTION: "Daedalus and Icarus."
Washington, CORCORAN GALLERY: "Portrait of Charles Lord Herbert."
Washington, UNITED STATES NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART: "St. Martin Dividing His Cloak with a Beggar," "Portrait of Philip, Lord Wharton," "Portrait of the Marchesa Balbi," "Portrait of William II of OrangeNassau as a Boy."

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