Famous Works of Durer

Boston, GARDNER COLLECTION: "Portrait of Lazarus Ravensberger."
Boston, MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS: "Portrait of an Unknown Man," and drawings.
Dresden, GALLERY: "Virgin and Child with St. Anthony and St. Sebastian," "Crucifixion."
Florence, PITTI PALACE: "Adam and Eve."
Florence, UFFIZI GALLERY: "Selfportrait as a Young Man."
London, BRITISH MUSEUM: Drawings, Engravings, Water-color Drawings.
Munich, GALLERY: "The Nativity," "Oswald Krell," "Four Apostles."
New York, BACHE COLLECTION: "Portrait of a Lady."
New York, METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART: "Christ as Salvator Mundi," "Madonna and Child with St. Anne," "Virgin and Child," and drawings.
New York, MORGAN COLLECTION: "Adam and Eve."
Prague, GALLERY: "The Feast."
Toledo, MUSEUM OF ART: "Portrait of the Wife of Jobst Plankfelt."
Washington, UNITED STATES NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART: "Portrait of a Man."

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