Famous Paintings of Murillo

Boston, MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS: "The Assumption."
Cincinnati, MUSEUM ASSOCIATION: "St. Thomas of Villanueva Dividing His Clothing Among the Beggar Boys."
Detroit, INSTITUTE OF ARTS: "The Immaculate Conception."
Glasgow, GALLERY: "The Infant St. John Playing with a Lamb."
Guadalajara, Mexico, CATHEDRAL: "Assumption of the Blessed Virgin."
Jenkintown, Pa., FISHER COLLECTION: "The Holy Family."
Kansas City, NELSON GALLERY: "The Little Conception."
London, NATIONAL GALLERY: "St. John and the Lamb," "The Holy Family."
Los Angeles, FISHER COLLECTION: "Our Lady Kneeling."
Madrid, PRADO: "The Adoration of the Shepherds," "St. John the Baptist."
Minneapolis, INSTITUTE OF ARTS: "The Pilferer Alarmed."
Montreal, VAN HORNE COLLECTION: "Portrait of a Cavalier."
New York, HISPANIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA: "St. Francis of Assisi."
New York, METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART: "Portrait of Don Andres de Andrade y Col."
New York, PRIVATE COLLECTIONS: Several examples.
Pride's Crossing, Mass., FRICK COLLECTION: "Self-Portrait."
Paris, LOUVRE: "The Immaculate Conception," "The Young Beggar."
Philadelphia, PRIVATE COLLECTIONS: Some examples.
Riverside, Calif., HUTCHINGS COLLECTION: "Immaculate Conception with a Mirror."
St. Louis, CITY ART MUSEUM: "Portrait of a Man."
San Diego, MUSEUM: "Penitent Magdalen."
San Francisco, STERN COLLECTION: "A Girl with a Basket of Chickens."
Seville, CATHEDRAL: "St. Anthony of Padua Visited by the Infant Savior."
Youngstown, WARNER COLLECTION: "Madonna and Child."

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