Famous Paintings of Moroni

Baltimore, WALTERS COLLECTION: "Portrait of a Lady."
Boston, GARDNER COLLECTION: "Portrait of an Italian Nobleman."
Boston, MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS: "Count Alborghetti and Son, of Bergamo."
Chicago, ART INSTITUTE: "Portrait of Ludovico Madruzzo."
Cleveland, MUSEUM OF ART: "Portrait of a Gentleman and His Wife."
Detroit, INSTITUTE OF ART: "Portrait of a Man with a Ruff."
Dresden, GALLERY: "Portrait of a Man."
Dublin, NATIONAL GALLERY OF IRELAND: "Portraits of a Gentleman and His Two Children."
Florence, UFFIZI GALLERY: "Portrait of a Scholar," "Portrait of a Knight."
London, NATIONAL GALLERY: Portraits of "A Tailor," "A Lawyer," "An Italian Lady," "An Italian Noble," "An Ecclesiastic."
Munich, GALLERY: "Portrait of a Lady."
New York, METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART: "Portrait of Bartolommeo Bongho," "Portrait of a Warrior," "Portrait of Lucrezia Cataneo."
New York, PRIVATE COLLECTIONS: Several examples.
Ottawa, NATIONAL GALLERY OF CANADA: "Portrait of a Man in Black."
Philadelphia, PRIVATE COLLECTIONS: Several examples.
Princeton, UNIVERSITY MUSEUM: "Portrait of a Donor."
Worcester, ART MUSEUM: "The Bergamask Captain," "Portrait of a Musician."

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