King David Playing the Harp Poster by Frans Hals

Baltimore, EPSTEIN COLLECTION: "Head of a Young Man,""Portrait of a Lady."
Berlin, KAISER FRIEDRICH MUSEUM: "Portrait of a Nurse and Child," "Hille Bobbe."
Boston, MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS: "Portrait of a Lady,""Head of an Old Lady."
Brooklyn, MUSEUM: "Portrait of a Young Man in a Fur Hat," "Fisher Girl," "Portrait of a Young Lord."
Cambridge, FOGG, ART MUSEUM: "Portrait of a Man."
Chicago, ART INSTITUTE: "Portrait of Willem Van Heythuysen," "Portrait of Harmen Hals."
Chicago, PRIVATE COLLECTIONS: Several examples.
Cincinnati, MUSEUM ASSOCIATION: "Family Group."
Cincinnati, TAFT COLLECTION INSTITUTE OF FINE ARTS: "The Young Man of Haarlem," "Portrait of Michael de Waele," "A Young Woman of Haarlem," "Laughing Boy with a Lute."
Detroit, INSTITUTE OF ARTS: "Portrait of a Lady."
Detroit, PRIVATE COLLECTIONS: Many examples.
Haarlem, MUSEUM: "The Five Regentessen," "The Old Men's Hospital," "The Archers of the Guild of St. Adrian."
Indianapolis, CLOWES GALLERY: "Self-Portrait."
Kansas City, Mo., NELSON GALLERY: "Portrait of a Man."
London, NATIONAL GALLERY: "Portrait of a Woman," "Portrait of a Man."
London, WALLACE COLLECTION: "The Laughing Cavalier."
Merion, Pa., BARNES FOUNDATION: "A Dutch Burgher."
Montreal, PRIVATE COLLECTIONS: Several examples.
New York, FRICK COLLECTION: "A Burgomaster,""Portrait of a Man."
New York, METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART: "A Youth with a Lute," "The Fingernail Test," "The Merry Company," "The Smoker," "Yonker Ramp and His Sweetheart," "Hille Bobbe," and many portraits.
New York, PRIVATE COLLECTIONS: Several examples.
Paris, LOUVRE: "La Bohemienne," "Woman Standing."
Philadelphia, PRIVATE COLLECTIONS: Several examples.
St. Charles, Ill., ANGELL-NORRIS COLLECTION: "Girl Singing from a Book," "Singing Boy with a Violin."
St. Louis, PRIVATE COLLECTIONS: Several examples.
San Diego, FINE ARTS GALLERY: "Family Group."
Toledo, MUSEUM OF ARTS: "Flute Player."
Toronto, WOOD COLLECTION: "Portrait of Isaac Abrahamsz. Massa."
Washington, CORCORAN GALLERY: "Woman with Flagon."
Washington, DUMBARTON OAKS COLLECTION: "Portrait of Judith Leyster."
Washington, UNITED STATES NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART: "Portrait of Balthasar Coymans," "Portrait of an Admiral," "Portrait of Nicholas Bergham," "Portrait of an Old Lady," "Portrait of a Young Man."
Yonkers, BOYCE THOMPSON COLLECTION: "Portrait of a Nobleman."

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