Famous Paintings of Chardin

Baltimore, MUSEUM OF ART: "Les Osselets."
Boston, MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS: "Still Life" (several).
Chicago, ART INSTITUTE: "Still Life."
Cincinnati, EWARDS COLLECTION: "Still Life."
Dublin, NATIONAL GALLERY OF IRELAND: "Les Tours des Cartes," "The Governess."
New York, FRICK COLLECTION: "La Serinette."
New York, METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART: "Supplies for Lunch," "Woman Knitting."
New York, PRIVATE COLLECTIONS: A number of examples.
Paris, LOUVRE: "Le Bénédicité," "La Pourvoyeuse," "L'Enfant au Toton," "La Mère Laborieuse."
Philadelphia, JOHNSON COLLECTION: Probably the largest group of Chardin's works in the United States.
Philadelphia, PRIVATE COLLECTIONS: Several examples.
Princeton, UNIVERSITY MUSEUM: "Attributs de Peintre,""Attributs d'Architecte."
St. Louis, CITY ART MUSEUM: "Le Gobelet d'Argent."
Stockholm, NATIONAL MUSEUM: "La Toilette de Matin," "Le Bénédicité."
Vienna, LIECHTENSTEIN GALLERY: "La Gouvernante,""La Garde Attentive."
Washington, CORCORAN ART GALLERY: "Woman with a Saucepan."
Washington, PHILLIPS MEMORIAL GALLERY: "A Bowl of Plums."
Washington, UNITED STATES NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART: "Little School Mistress," "The House of Cards."

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