Famous Paintings by Velasquez

Boston, DANIELSON COLLECTION: "St. John in the Wilderness."
Boston, GARDNER COLLECTION: "Portrait of Philip IV,""Portrait of Pope Innocent IX" (attributed).
Boston, MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS: "Portrait of Don Baltasar Carlos with a Dwarf,"Portrait of a Man,""Portrait of Philip IV," "Portrait of the Infanta Maria Teresa" (attributed).
Chicago, ART INSTITUTE: "Job," "The Kitchen Maid."
Chicago, EPSTEIN COLLECTION: "Portrait of Isabel of Bourbon."
Cincinnati, MUSEUM ASSOCIATION: "Portrait of Philip IV."
Detroit, INSTITUTE OF ARTS: "Portrait of a Man."
London, NATIONAL GALLERY: "Portrait of Philip IV," "Venus and Cupid," "Christ at the Column."
London, WALLACE COLLECTION: "Portrait of a Young Girl," "Portrait of Prince Baltasar Carlos,""A Boar Hunt."
Madrid, PRADO: "The Spinners," "Las Meniñas," "The Dwarf," "The Surrender of Breda," "The Topers."
Montreal, VAN HORNE COLLECTION: "Portrait of a Young Man."
New York, FRICK COLLECTION: "Portrait of Philip IV."
New York, HISPANIC SOCIETY: "Portrait of the Count-Duke of Olivàrez,""Portrait of a Young Girl,""Portrait of Cardinal Pamphili,""Portrait of Juan de Pareja."
New York, METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART: "Christ and the Pilgrims of Emmaus," "Portrait of Philip IV," "Portrait of Count Olivàrez," "Portrait of a Man."
New York, PRIVATE COLLECTION: Several examples.
Paris, LOUVRE: "Portrait of a Young Woman," "Portrait of Princess Margarita Maria."
Rome, DORIA GALLERY: "Portrait of Pope Innocent X."
Rutherford, N. J., WARRINGTON COLLECTION: "Angelica and Medoro."
Toledo, WILLYS COLLECTION: "Portrait of a Girl."
Washington, UNITED STATES NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART: "Portrait of Pope Innocent X."

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