Esteban Murillo - Spanish School

BARTOLOMÉ, ESTÉBAN MURILLO was born at Seville of poor parents. Left an orphan at the age of ten, he was adopted by an uncle who, happily encouraging his interest in drawing pictures, eventually placed him in the studio of a local artist. Just as potential American Murillos or "inglorious Miltons" of the brush are today earning a precarious livelihood at our World's Fairs by sketching for the public, so the young Murillo occupied himself at the weekly fairs in Seville. With the little money that he could at last accumulate, he set off on foot for Madrid. He brought himself to the attention of Velasquez who, consistent with his generous nature, helped him.

After two years in the capital, Murillo, now an accomplished painter, returned to his home town. He was awarded commissions for church decorations which he executed so brilliantly as to establish himself as the foremost painter of Seville. A wealthy marriage and a circle of learned friends enhanced his prestige. He lived happily; and in the fullness of his powers at the age of 64, suffered from an accident while at work, and died.

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