Correggio - School of Parma


CORREGGIO, WHOSE TRUE name was Antonio Allegri, received his title from the city of his birth. He first studied anatomy and then went to the school of Francesco Ferrari Bianchi. It is probable that he studied too with the followers of Andrea Mantegna at Padua.

He married and settled at Parma in 1520. It was here that he executed his two greatest works, "The Ascension of Christ" and "The Assumption of the Virgin," both enormous frescoes designed to cover the cupolas of the Church of San Giovanni and the Cathedral at Parma. From a purely technical point of view, these frescoes are both daring and advanced. Through violent foreshortening, far beyond anything his contemporaries ever ventured, he was able to achieve the wonderful feeling of "uplift" and "floating" in both of these large decorations. There are extant about forty works that can be definitely attributed to Correggio. He received no direct influence from a single personality and left little mark on his pupils. Bernardo Gatti is probably the only one of his followers who deserves mention.

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