The Avenue by Hobbema

HOBBEMA, despite the short period of his activity as a painter, is next to Ruysdael the most distinguished of the Dutch landscape painters. While neither were effective in establishing a school of landscape painting in Holland, their influence upon Constable, the founder of the English landscape school, is definite.

Hobbema's interest in painting the countryside of Holland as every day it met his eyes was kindred to the interest and avowed purpose of Constable in portraying his own England. What to Hobbema and Constable was significant in that it was commonplace, became to their followers the "picturesque," and, as such, a ready-made-to-order subject matter for the art of the degenerated heirs of a worthy tradition.

Whether or not the works of Hobbema were studied by the impressionists of the nineteenth century, he reveals a spiritual kinship to them in the outdoor light and atmosphere for which his paintings are noteworthy.

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