Andrea Del Sarto - Florentine School


ANDREA D'AGNOLO, or, as he has come to be known, Andrea Del Sarto, was born at Florence and was apprenticed in early youth to a goldsmith. A few years of earnest study were followed by tuition from Piero di Cosimo. His taste for drawing, however, led him to learn industriously from the line works of Michelangelo and Leonardo. His skill in copying the works of the masters and the alleged astonishing precision of his painting gained for him the reputation of "the faultless painter."

In 1518 he went to France at the invitation of Francis I and painted the monarch and many members of the court. Commissioned by the king to return to Florence to acquire works of art for him, the painter launched into a life of dissipation, squandering even the money entrusted to him for purchases on the king's behalf. Stung with remorse and utterly in despair, he died and was buried at Florence in 1531.

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